Experience and acquaint yourself with Cusco, its’ beautiful children, and culture by volunteering at the library La Pagina en la Puerta!

Volunteering has become a very popular form of alternative travel, especial in Cusco, Peru. Rather than being a spectator, volunteers get to know the people, the culture, and Cusco on an intimate level through the volunteer program at the library. At the same time volunteers learn the Spanish language through studying, interacting and being with the children at the library, and through their host family.

The advantages of volunteering with La Pagina en La Puerta is that you only have to dedicate a few hours each afternoon, Monday through Friday, for a minimum of 1 week. The objectives and responsibilities for each volunteer are clear, allowing each volunteer to focus on and enjoy spending time with the children that walk through the doors of the library each day. Mornings are free to study Spanish and get to know Cusco and its surrounding areas.